It has been a wonderful decade of travel experience at All Bhutan Connection (ABC) since our launch as a passionately dedicated tour company in 2005 with approval of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the country’s regulatory authority which ensures the standard of our services and protects your rights as of our valued guests. In this short but delightful duration, together with our sister company Druk Asia, we have emerged as Bhutan’s second-largest tour operator apart from being respected and trusted by travel partners across the world. The reasons for our phenomenal success are many, but we must say that it is the passion as responsible globetrotters ourselves, which separates us from the rest, some of whom have been in this business way before us. It is our passion as fellow travelers sharing the same expectation and challenges as our guests that make our company more than just a business entity. To our valued guests, we have been soul mates who have helped them fully explore this hidden paradise as a metaphor of knowing themselves better as individuals and happy members of their families, communities and the world.

What our guests have found in us, a company operated by two avid and senior travel Pros (Tshering Dhendup and Needup Wangdee) in conjunction with elite specialists in Bhutan’s well-developed tourism sector, is a willingness to work together as a team to give them the best travel experience and share the wonders of our beloved country with the best traditions of its hospitality. We have always believed in giving what we have come to expect as travelers ourselves, and our dedicated team makes that possible. From customizing tour packages to suit the unique requirements of each of our guests, to ensure the highest standard of travel services and safety, we are there to make it an authentic experience that is all about you.

As a responsible a business, we also believe in giving back to the sustainable community development of Bhutan for which cause, we have always made a major chunk of our time and resources available. Since our world-class services are fully dependent on the commitment and passion of our best pool of travel talents in Bhutan, we have always invested in their career and personal developments. We bet you would not miss this fact in your travel here because more than fully equipped professionals, they will be your sensitive travel buddies who will share in your joys and travails, without being intrusive, but with genuine care, concern, sensibility and sophistication. So, the next time you think of Bhutan, do think of us for with us, it will not be just another one off your bucket list but a life-changing experience, for the wonderful of course?